Mulberry Farm Kennel...
THE Source for
Real Cockapoos (Cockerpoos) & Schnoodles...
     "Kitchen-Raised, Underfoot"

      Mulberry Farm Kennel...
THE Source for
Real Cockapoos (Cockerpoos), Cavapoos & Schnoodles...
     "Kitchen-Raised, Underfoot"       Mulberry Farm Kennel...
THE Source for
Real Cockapoos (Cockerpoos), Cavapoos & Schnoodles...
     "Kitchen-Raised, Underfoot"       Mulberry Farm Kennel...
THE Source for
Real Cockapoos (Cockerpoos), Cavapoos & Schnoodles...
     "Kitchen-Raised, Underfoot"

About Us ...

      Mulberry Farm (located at 349 Rossway Rd., Pleasant Valley, NY 12569) is the place for exceptional American Cockapoo, Schnoodle and Cavapoo "Designer Dog"- puppies.  "Kitchen-raised, underfoot" is our way of saying we raise our puppies in a very loving, family-oriented environment.  This results in unique American Cockapoo, Schnoodle & Cavapoo individuals with both superior temperaments and personalities.  Our "Designer Puppies" are the perfect animals for your home and family.

Carol's kitchenDining Room CorridorCarol's Dining Room
Three views of kitchen / dining room.  Note Heidi sleeping on her rug next to the refrigerator (left frame), and the crate (in dining area) where pups are raised.

      Through meticulous breeding and care, our dogs are sound, refined examples of each breed we offer.  In addition, our puppies are healthy and happy.  We know that a dog must have the right start in life to become a loyal, beloved member of your household.  Each of our dogs is health-guaranteed, wormed & innoculated, and leaves here with a certified veterinarian's letter.  These are all loving, affectionate friends and are great with kids.  In addition, our American Cocker Spaniels and Miniature Schnauzers are fully registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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"Molly" (Rescue-Cockapoo)
     happily meeting "Tia"  Carol hugging
7-month-old Tia
Mulberry Farm's mascot
at Age of 7 Weeks
Carol & Tia
Mulberry Farm's mascot
at Age of 7 Months
Carol with pregnant "Maggie"
     (Am. Cocker Spaniel)               CLICK to see
             Carol holding a
Salt & Pepper Schnauzer Puppy Carol kneeling near
"Bear", our 175-lb.
    stud rottweiler
Carol & Maggie
taking a break
Carol holding a
schnauzer puppy
Carol with
"poppa" BEAR
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          for EvanSites Diana Canaan, D.V.M., and Assistant
   Holding Mulberry Farm Puppies Rob with "Bada",
his Silver-coloured
     stud Poodle
Jim G., the "virtually-resident",
ever-present webmaster of MFK
Mulberry Farm's Veterinarian,
Dr. Diana Canaan (at right )
Rob with "Bada", his
Silver-coloured stud Poodle
Mulberry Farm's
  "Bank" Barn
 (in the Spring) The Kennel 2 young deer, grazing
   on Mulberry Farm
Bank Barn The Kennel 2 deer, grazing
on Mulberry Farm

USDA recognizes six (6) egg sizes: Jumbo eggs are at least 30 ounces to the dozen.  Extra large eggs are at least 27 ounces to the dozen.
Large eggs are at least 24 ounces to the dozen.  Medium eggs are at least 21 ounces to the dozen.  Small eggs are at least 18 ounces to the dozen.  "Peewee" eggs are at least 15 ounces to the dozen.

For further information,
please call:

(845) 635-9609
between 1 - 5:00 P.M. and 7 - 9:00 P.M. (EST)

Or, simply e-mail us at
to E-mail Carol
Carol hugging Kiepre

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