Mulberry Farm
Puppy Startup Kit

      We have assembled a "puppy startup kit" (see example above and list at right ) which contains everything that new puppy owners need to properly care for their new family member.      What’s best is that we have made it possible to offer this complete package to our clients at a remarkably-discounted low price, thanks to our wholesale distributors.  Each item in this kit has been carefully selected for quality, durability and affordability.  Purchasing this "startup kit" at the same time you pick up your puppy from Mulberry Farm saves you the trip(s) to the local pet store or department store and the worry over whether you chose the right things.
      We make this "puppy startup kit" an even better
deal by offering the Training Crate, Pet Carrier Bag,
Fleece Bed, Food & Water Dishes set, Placemat, the Collar & Leash set, Dental Care Kit, several pounds of high-quality Puppy Food, the Nail Clipper, the professional Brush and Steel Comb set, 3 Toys, the Yogurt Drops, a spray-on Stain Remover (for those possible "emergencies"), the Pet Sweater, a Flossy™ Puppy Chew-bone, a comfortable, handmade Ruffle-Guard for your dog to wear (e.g., after spay/neuter surgery ), a truly health-promoting pet vitamin supplement, even an excellent Puppy Training Book.
Puppy Kit Pet Care Items
Training Crate ( = Cage) 
Pet Carrier Bag  (airline-certified ) 
Fleece Bed 
Hand-made Recovery Collar  (deters post-surgical licking, etc. )  
Food & Water Dishes  (2 Stainless Steel Bowls)  
Dish Placemat 
Dental Care Kit  (pet toothpaste, brush )  
Adjustable Collar & 6-ft. Leash  
Puppy Food or Holistic Health Extension Little Bites™
Nail Clipper 
Easy-grip Steel-toothed Comb 
Easy-grip Brush 
Yogurt Drops  (training treats )  
3 Assorted Toys  (e.g., plush animal; squeaky pacifier toy )  
Stain Remover  (spray bottle )  
NuVet Plus Vitamins 
Pet Sweater 
Puppy Shampoo 
Flossie Rope Chew Toy for Puppy 
Nylabone Chew Toy for Puppy 
Puppy Training Book 
Canvas Pocket Mulberry Farm Logo Totebag  
Choice of Pooper Scooper or Wee-Wee Training Pads  
Customizable I.D. Tag  
Pooch Pick-Up - Starter box of no-touch disposable waste bags w/ helper scoop  
Tick-Key - Tick remover made of metal.  Attaches to key chain  
Bandanna - Choose from assortment of fun colors  
Flea comb - Ergonomically-designed handle; multi-purpose  
OUR PRICE  =      $375.00
      Plus, we've recently added even more items to the 'kit... an Ergonomically-designed Flea Comb, a Tick-Key for quick & safe removal, a sharp-looking Bandanna... even no-touch Pooch Pick-Up disposable waste bags with a helper scoop... all for the budget-friendly price of  $375.00 (US$).