Mulberry Farm Kennel Logo Bill of Sale  and  Guarantee

One ___________________________ Puppy;    Sex: _____    Color/Mrkgs.: ____________    Whelped: ___/___/_____

Sire: ____________________________________  Dam: _____________________________________

Date of Sale: _____________________________ , 20_____

To: _______________________________________________________________________ (Buyer)

          Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

          Telephone: ____________________________                E-mail: _______________________________________

For: $__________, plus New York State Sales Tax $__________, Total: $___________

The Puppy described above has been carefully raised under sanitary conditions in accordance with the Agriculture and Markets Law, Article 26-A, set forth by the USDA.  This breeding establishment (NY State License No. PD00071) is under regular veterinary supervision.  To the best of our knowledge, this Puppy is in excellent health and is guaranteed free from communicable disease.  Said Puppy is of sound temperament, and is further guaranteed (under favorable conditions) against behavior atypical to the breed.

All puppies are veterinarian-checked, de-wormed and vaccinated.  The Buyer has been provided with a copy of said Puppy's medical history (including present status of immunity vaccinations and de-wormings) and hereby agrees to have the puppy examined (at Buyer’s expense) by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours from date Buyer assumes custody of Puppy.  If during this examination said Veterinarian finds the puppy to be sufficiently medically unsound as to warrant return (excluding common treatable conditions such as, but not limited to, injuries incurred while in custody of the Buyer, infestation by any parasites or protozoa including Coccidia and Giardia), the Buyer shall immediately notify the Seller.  The Puppy shall be returned, at the expense of the Buyer, to the Seller, accompanied by a hand-written and signed statement by said Veterinarian of all findings.  The Seller retains the right under NYS Law to have the Puppy’s condition validated by another licensed veterinarian.  Once the medical condition is confirmed by the second veterinarian, the Seller shall allow the Buyer to choose one of the following three options: (a) select a different puppy of equal value (if immediately available); (b) wait for another puppy from a future litter, or; (c) have purchase price refunded.

The Seller guarantees for a period of one (1) year from the Puppy’s date of birth that the Puppy shall be free from *permanently-debilitating or life-threatening hereditary and congenital disorders.  (*Permanently-debilitating is defined here as blindness or the inability to walk.)  This guarantee does not cover non-life threatening or temporary disorders including, but not limited to, umbilical hernia, cherry eye and uneven bite.  If within this period the Buyer seeks a refund due to a hereditary or congenital condition affecting the Puppy, the Seller must be notified immediately of the Puppy’s condition by being provided with a printed and signed copy of the Puppy’s complete medical history and prognosis from the licensed veterinarian who examined the Puppy and diagnosed its condition.  The Seller retains the right to have the Puppy’s condition validated.  Upon validation of the Puppy’s condition, the Seller shall refund the original purchase price of the Puppy to the Buyer within 90 days.  Proof of spaying or neutering (performed at the expense of the Buyer) must be provided to the Seller before said refund can be honored.

By signing this contract, the Buyer understands that the Seller cannot make guarantees as to the size, color, temperament or health of said Puppy after one year of age.  We offer a * lifetime return policy * for all our dogs: If an owner can no longer keep the purchased puppy/dog, we will take the dog back and try, to the best of our ability, to re-home it.  If, at any time, the Seller discovers that the puppy/dog is being abused, neglected, starved, and/or living or tied outdoors, the Seller has the right, and the duty, to confiscate said animal or call the proper authorities to do the same.  The Buyer acknowledges that this contract has been read in its entirety and understood prior to signing.  Buyer and Seller agree this contract contains the full agreement between the parties.

Other than the terms stated above, Seller makes no further guarantees.

BUYER: ____________________________________________________

SELLER: ____________________________________________________