On  Scale      I gauge the size of Cockapoos by their height, not weight. Two dogs who are the same size can vary considerably in weight depending both on their overall build and whether one is fat or thin.  Poodle sizes are graded on height measured to the top of the shoulder at standing position.  I am doing the same with my Cockapoos.  Adult individuals 10" at the shoulder or less are toy (small) size.  Dogs 11"-14" at the shoulder are considered mini (medium) size, and those 15" at the shoulder and over are standard (large) size.  Weights of individuals will depend on the factors explained above.
      Most of the Cockapoos that I raise grow up to be mini.  I do have a few toy-sized on occasion, and I have sold some pups who grew to be approximately 15" and weighed well over 20lbs.  Those are my largest Cockapoos.  But whether they are toy, mini or standard... whether they are black, parti colored, chocolate or buff, all my Cockapoos look very much alike.  People who own one can pick out another one of my Cockapoos in the middle of Central Park in NYC, strolling down a street in a small town in Maine, or walking along a sandy beach in Florida.  They are that distinctive.