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       Volume 21

From:  Sue Geissler <>
To:  Carol <>
Subject:  "Coco" :O)
Date:  Mon, 11 Feb 2008 10:38:00 -0600
Dear Carol -
     Every once in awhile I think, "Gosh, does Carol know what a wonderful dog she bred for us???"  He is so amazing Carol..........I think told you I re-married about 3 yrs. an absolutely wonderful fellow.........we moved to Oklahoma (Bartlesville)........I have a son and family here working with Conoco-Phillips.....Anyway,....Coco loves Rudy so much.........I love to watch them together, he sits next to Rudy and turns his head upward against his chest, and with adoration looks him in the eyes.......He is so smart, am sure this is all old news to you/as most of your dogs are like this, I am sure.  Anyway, he is over 7 yrs. old now!  Can you believe it?  Thought I would send a couple of recent pictures to you.......he is gorgeous...everywhere he goes people go nuts over him........We thank our lucky stars for him every day.......
Sue & Rudy
with "Coco"
Hope you and Jim are well and happy.......still making beautiful dogs I hope......... Love Sue/Coco/Rudy too :O)

Subject:  Pictures of "Ella" Diamond
Date:  Mon, 18 Feb 2008 12:32:33 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hi Carol
I hope that this note finds you well.
It has been a long time and these pictures are over due.
Sorry for taking so long sending these to you.
(I'm sending them separately because I can't do them together).
     "Ella", a
Buff-coloured  Female  Cockapoo
Ella is absolutely wonderful.
She is truly the BEST dog in every way.
She loves all people and other animals, especially other dogs.
But she is also a great watch dog, and barks if there is any activity outside her "castle".

She has been a fantastic addition to our family.
Not only do the kids love her, but Anne has now become a "dog lover" because of Ella.
You can't imagine how big a deal that is!!!

Thanks again, and Happy New Year!
Andy Diamond

From:  Margaret Miele <>
Subject:  RE: Puppy
Date:  Sat, 23 Feb 2008 11:00:53 -0500
Hi Carol –

I think of you so often and actually refrain from writing you too much.  But today I just have to say once more how we love Gemma!  She is very pretty indeed but better yet she has the most winning personality.  She is outgoing and playful while remaining submissive and sweet.  She loves playing with other dogs and people and makes us laugh.

Gemma is an added joy in our lives and so again, we thank you.

Hope all is good with you and Mulberry Farm.  When folks admire Gemma, we send them your way.



Mulberry Farm's Guestbook
 March 27th 2008
07:24:07 AM
What is your name? Kate Devany Bickmann & Eric Bickmann
How did you find this website?we own a buff Cockapoo from Mulberry Farm
Please enter your comments:Dear Carol and Jim,
It has been awhile... We purchased our Carly, a Buff Cockapoo, October 2005 from a litter by Melody and Beau.  Carly was the only girl with two brothers.  How do we thank you for raising the best dogs in temperament, intelligence and beauty inside and out?!  Carly is an incredible animal, as close to human as one can be.  Carly plays soccer well and loves agility runs.  Thanks again for our girl... she has become our life.  By the way, when we purchased her we had a depressed white poodle, age 13, with diabetes named Sabi who had just lost his partner Scarlett.  Well, Carly saved his life... he is with us at age 15 and happy.  Thanks again.  Please send us any and all info on your reunions and classes.
Kate and Eric
From:  Mervyn Smith <>
Date:  Sun, 29 Mar 2009 10:37:01 -0400


At 10 months today, Raider (all black) weighs 21 pounds and Reggie is a heavy at 26 pounds.  Heather and I took them to puppy school where they graduated with flying colours.  Raising them has been relatively easy due to their nature (we have you to thank for that).  Both roll on their backs to be patted all the time.  Raider loves to play ball and Reggie adores sticks.  Reggie is a camping dog, he loves to get wet and play outside.  Raider waits for Reggie to check out the weather first.  When Heather turns her hairdryer on every morning, the boys come running to be caressed by the hairdryer.  Perhaps that is why the groomers love them.  They sleep with us and give us so much joy.  They are great car dogs as we go back and forth to the cottage quite a lot.  They certainly loved the snow we had this past winter.  They would come in looking like snowmen but loved the old hairdryer routine.  Walking them at the same time was a challenge at first, but only for about a month.  No problems now.  They love each other very much and quite often we find them cuddled on top of each other.


From:  Olivia Sherman <>
Subject:  Daisy
Date:  Tue, 31 Mar 2009 19:55:23 -0400

Dear Carol,
In September we got a cockapoo from you, and let me tell you she is the cutest, smartest, and sweetest thing ever!  Daisy already knows high five, down, sit, and rollover.  She is the perfect little baby and everyone she meets she charms.  Even the vet fell in love with her!  I know I should have bragged about her to you earlier, but I wanted to see if this dog was really amazing.  Like a proud parent, I would probably gloat about her even if she wasn't that great, but I guarentee you she is!
Thank you for breeding the best dog ever,
Olivia, Emily, John, Sydney and Daisy

Sent: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 12:40 pm
Subject:  Re: Picture of your Bailey "pup" from Mulberry Farm (ATTACHED)

Hi Jim,
The pictures are FABULOUS!!!!  Thank you so much.  Bailey is a very precious dog.  Everyone in the family adores her.  Actually, everyone she meets seems to fall in love with her.  She is exceptionally social and loves everyone in return.  She always seems to know her place.  That makes it easy to take her anywhere.  Also, she is very easy to discipline.  You all are doing a great job with the dogs.  We tell friends that we would never get a dog elsewhere.  It has to be Mulberry Farm.  Keep up the good work!!!  As an owner I am extremely grateful.
See you soon when we come for Libby.  We talk about her often.
Bailey will absolutely love her company.
Bernice Bailey

From:  Beverly Baccelli <>
Subject:  Buddy's first birthday!
Date:  Mon, 5 May 2008 15:21:00 -0400
Dear Carol and Jim,

Buddy was a year old this week and I wanted to tell you - like all of your other cockapoo owners do - that he is the best little dog ever!  He's now 13 pounds and stands 15" at the shoulder.  He has been absolutely healthy since he arrived home in June.  His personality is a winning one - funny, affectionate, easy to train and housebreak, and always ready to play or go on an adventure.

Most of all, he has been a lifesaving addition to our family.  Our 7 yr. old Portuguese water dog, Rio, is still going strong, much longer than his oncologists predicted.  His lymphoma remains in partial remission, and he enjoys every day - playing with Buddy and continuing to "show him the ropes" of living at the beach.  When friends ask how Rio is, we say thats he's doing well, due to the "Buddy Cure!"

Thanks again for breeding such wonderful dogs.


Bev Baccelli

From:  Marianne Fontana <>
Subject:  Oreo has grown
Date:  Sun, 18 May 2008 11:51:39 -0400

Dear Carol,

It has been some time since we last communicated.  I wanted to send you a recent photo of Oreo, we adopted her last August from you.  She is a great dog.  The girls have a great time with her.  Dan and I are simply in love with our youngest "daughter".  She has a great personality, and is extremely playful.  We enjoy every day with her.  You have bred for us one terrific Cockapoo!!
Have a great summer,

- Marianne Fontana


Mulberry Farm's Guestbook
 May 20th 2008
02:33:56 PM
What is your name? Jessica and Scott
How did you find this website?We own a 1 year female cockapoo
Please enter your comments:How do we thank you for our little girl Zoey.  We can honestly say that she is one of the best things to happen to our lives.  Zoey recently celebrated her 1st birthday and is sleeping next to me while I write this email.  She has the best temperament not to mention how cute and smart she is.  Almost every time we walk down the street we are approched by someone telling us how cute she is and ask for the breeder.  I have even seen a few other Mulberry Farm cockapoos in my neighborhood.  We are forever grateful for our little pup.
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