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Mulberry Farm's Guestbook
 June 13th 2009
09:46:58 AM
What is your name? Rachel Patten
How did you find this website?I bought an awesome little pup from you 5/2/09
Please enter your comments:Hi Carol,
Just thought I would update you on our cute little choc/white parti PoinDexter he is such a good dog he is just under 12 pounds now and should be going to puppy kindergarten when we return to NH in July.  We are very pleased with him and he is well loved.  My grandkids adore him.  I will update you with current photos soon.
Thanks again,

E-mail Me  E-mail
From:  Maria Kessler <>
To:  Carol @ Mulberry Farm <>
Subject:  Medley
Date:  Wed, 17 Jun 2009 16:23:08 -0400
Hi Carol, I just wanted to send you some more recent photos of Medley!  Everyone really loves him.  He has the most fantastic disposition!  Even my husband has fallen in love with him.  He has been fantastic for all of my children.  I am so happy that we made this decision and found you!

    "Medley"... a
Buff-coloured  Male  Cockapoo


Subject:  Cockapoo Puppy
Date:  Sun, 21 Jun 2009 21:11:50 -0500 (CDT)

Dear Carol,

It is quite a while since we have spoke last.  I already have two of your dogs.  One is a Chocolate and Tan cockapoo that I got from you in December of 2000.  At that time you actually brought him to the small airport in New York and I picked him up there.  I live in Germantown, Md.  His name is Lamb Chop.  His Daddy was Candy Man who I just read on the web site that he has past, I was very sad to hear that.  In April of 2005 my husband and I and my two girls came to your home to meet you and pick up our second cockapoo from you who also had Candy Man as his dad.  He was a Chocolate and White Parti.  We named him Joffee.  At that time it made our family three as we had then also a Old English Sheepdog who was then five years old.  Our Sheepdog came to us as a nine week old puppy who was diagnosed at 10 months old with hip displasia.  She passed away last a year ago last March at nine years old.  After grieving time we find ourselves ready to add to our family again.  With Joffee 5, and Lamb Chop turning 9 in October we thought it would be a good time to add on.

My girls are now 12 & 14, and we live in the same home in Germantown that we have lived in for going on almost 17 years.  I could never get any other dog except for one of yours.  Lamb Chop and Joffee are the best dogs anyone could ever imagine.  They are so kind, and smart, and actually funny.  They smile, and Joffee would lay down his life for his family and already found himself in that situation once.  They are both so incredibly loyal.  They are my families best friends.

I don’t know if you remember or not but I got sick in 2001 with Rheumatic Fever at 41 and was very sick for quite a while.  I have not gone back to work due to secondary issues from my illness but that only makes being home with my girls and my best 4 legged friends that much more rewarding.

I am not in a hurry as your best friends are for life but I would like to get on a list if possible for another puppy.  The following would be my list of choices.

  1. Sable and White Parti
  2. Black and White and Silver Parti
  3. Black and White Parti
  4. Never Changing Red Sable
Both my cockapoos are boys and I am so in love with them so I think I would probably want to stick with the same.  Please call me when you have a chance to talk about the possibilities.  I am usually not hard to reach.  I look forward to talking to you again soon.  I hope all is well with you and your health and your business and life.

Jill Rosenfeld

Home – 301-540-7070

Cell – 240-793-5219

From:  George & Ann Anastasio <>
Subject:  Smidgen the wonderpoo
Date:  Sat, 4 Jul 2009 18:03:46 -0400

Hi Carol:

          I’m just checking in with you to let you know how great Smidgen is doing!  She’s a doll —  you really can pick them!  I think she was just right for me.

She’s frighteningly smart.  I have to admit that my dearly departed and beloved cockers were not quite as "quick to the punch" as she is!  I have to keep several steps ahead of her.  After all, she is smarter than I am.  So far, she hasn’t peed at all in the house, which is a pleasant surprise to me.  Once she is spayed, I intend to enroll her in obedience class to keep her engaged.  She already heels beautifully and is learning the basic commandments.  She’s doing well with the work schedule — though I admit it isn’t ideal.  She has a lot of energy when I get home, but she gets a lot of walks and playtime.  Everyone who has met her is charmed by her.  I actually took her to the Department of Education’s picnic, and she was greatly admired.  Several people now want to get "poos".  Her favorite dig is the nearby dog-friendly mall, where there is a gourmet dog biscuit store that keeps me spending.  I’m really glad I followed your recommendation.  She is such a delight and a great companion.  Though I still miss my Demi, it doesn’t hurt quite so much now!  You are a very wise woman!

  -        Laura Anastasio

Subject:  Pictures of Emmitt
Posted by:  "" ninalkurtz
Date:  Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:59 pm ((PDT))

Hi everyone,

I don't know how to post pictures to the [ Google's "American_Cockapoos" OneList ] site, so I'll attach to e-mail.  Carol I got a message you wanted to see pictures of Kiepre's baby so here are some of Emmitt now at 9 months.  We've been taking him on our boat (you'll see the pictures) and with his life preserver he swam in Long Island Sound this weekend.
Emmitt... Cockapoo at Sea!
We've been having so much fun with him and we can't think about life without him.  So hope you enjoy the pictures.  My favorite is the one where he jumped up on my husbands back as he slept.  Carol, I wish we lived closer so we could come up and visit.



Mulberry Farm's Guestbook
 August 17th 2009
07:17:27 PM
What is your name? The Siegel Family
How did you find this website?from your website
Please enter your comments:Hi Carol and Jim......just wanted to let you know that our COCKAPOO, "PHOEBE" is the best addition to our family! We absolutely love her, and she loves our kids!!!! So smart, so good and so cute! We can"t thank you enough!!!! LOVE HER LOVE HER LOVE HER

E-mail Me  E-mail
From:  virginia williamson <>
To:  carol <>
Subject:  from summer
Date:  Wed, 22 Jul 2009 19:07:23 -0400
hi auntie Carol and uncle Jim
just wanted to let you know I went to the doggie dentist and got a clean bill of health the dentist cleaned my teeth and gums and I had no cavities and my teeth are in excellent shape for my age I'm 11yrs old now and I still have my girlie figure.... mom and dad are taking real good care of me, they love me to death. I think I told you before I have them wrapped around my paw, mom takes me for a ride every night after dinner dishes are done. I sit on the couch and watch until she's done. oh yeah mom was in the hospital for a few months and I hung with dad until she came home now that mom does not work any more, we spend more time together. I sleep in the big bed with mom and dad, and I have other places I sleep too, the couch, chair and I have my own futon too in the spare room. well just wanted to keep you posted on what's happening, I'm very happy and healthy too.
I guess that's it for now
just wanted to say hi
talk soon
love Summer Williamson

From:  Susan Mleczko <>
Subject:  Reunion
Date:  Thu, 3 Sep 2009 08:26:34 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Carol,
I've been meaning to check in and let you know how our Willow is doing... which is just great!!

I'm sorry to hear that you've been so ill and that your husband has been in and out of the hospital.  It must be terribly difficult for you.  We will keep you both in our prayers.

Also - if you do have the Reunion, unfortunately we will not be able to come with Willow as my daughter Anna's Parent's Weekend at college is that weekend... so unfortunately, for the next two years anyway, we will not be able to come that weekend.  But at some point we'll bring Willow to see her first Mom.

Willow has been such a delight to us.  She is still a "rascal", but we love her all the more for her spirit!  (And she is Daddy's little girl too!)  About 6 months after we got Willow, we adopted a little foundling from North Carolina (this was not planned - just "happened") who turned out to be a not-so-little Border Collie mix.  His name is Nigel, and Willow and Nigel are the best of friends.  And Nigel indulgently understands that his smaller friend rules the roost!  When I get to my own computer (I'm at an Internet Cafe right now because I'm waiting for my car to be serviced) I will send you a picture of the two of them.  What a funny pair.

Anyway - just wanted to reassure you that Willow is leading a happy life.  She gets to go to Block Island and run on the beaches (which she LOVES) several times a year, and since we moved from Ridgefield to Weston - she has her very own pond to swim in (which she also loves.... much to my chagrin and our couches' rapid demise!)  But that's OK - we'd rather have happy dogs than beautiful couches!

I hope that you are well enough to have the Reunion (have everyone bring something so it doesn't all fall on you) and that you all have a wonderful, joyous time with your Poos!
Best wishes,

Susan (and Bill and Nigel and Willow)

Susan Mleczko

From:  Papell MD, Lee <>
Subject:  Reggie
Date:  Thu, 26 Oct 2009 18:31:52 -0400

Hi Carol,
     How are you?  I wanted to send you this picture of Reggie.  He is now 4 years old and is great, we have been so happy with him.  I give everyone your name when they stop us and see him.  Maybe you can post him on your website.  Take care.
     Lee Papell, M.D.
    "Reggie"... a
Buff-coloured  Male  Cockapoo


Mulberry Farm's Guestbook
 November 27th 2009
10:32:15 PM
What is your name? Erika Medina & Family
How did you find this website?google
Please enter your comments:Hi Carol
Just wanted to let you know how much my family loves our cockapoo puppy.  We named him "Friday" as I picked him up from you last April on Good Friday.  Friday still loves his good morning hugs and belly rubs.  He is so much a part of our family - being my first dog I am so lucky to have such a great experience.  Thank You!
Erika Medina

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