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       Volume 5

Subject:  A Testimonial: Our Admiration & Heartfelt Thanks!!!
Date: 4/19/01 6:27:16 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Connie & Mitch)

Dear Carol,
Where and how can we ever thank you for the time, energy and love you put into raising your Cockapoos!  After spending time with you on your farm, meeting Jim, Karen and, of course, "Cappuccino", we understand how these puppies turn out to be so outstanding.  We were quite impressed with how clean everything was and how much human contact and love these little pups are given.  "Marley" made the 4-hr. drive home with us like a champ... only too pleased to cuddle in our laps.  He has such a loving personality and his intelligence is AMAZING!!!  He has already learned his name, comes when called, never goes more than 10-15 feet from us and the house-training is not going to take very long at all!  His blond color is exquisite and his temperament adorable.  He is 11 wks. old today, and went to the vet for his next shot, etc.  Not only was he quite the "gentleman" but he so "WOWED" the vet that she wanted to know all about him and where he came from.  (Of course, we were only too thrilled to tell her our story!)  The vet was very happy to hear the story of a breeder like you who does such a fabulous, caring job in raising these puppies; especially when there are so many bad ones out there.  Only one "problem"... there is only ONE "Marley" and FIVE of us!!!  Is there such a thing as a puppy getting TOO MUCH LOVE?!?!?  HA! HA! HA!
Again, our many heartfelt "THANKS" for your devotion to these animals.  How very lucky we all are!!!

"Marley" with her new "sis" Julia

With Gratitude,

Connie, Mitch, Joshua, Julia and Jordan

Subject:  [cockapoos1] Annie and Mulberry Farm
Date: 3/26/01 11:56:35 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Judy Taylor)
To: (cc: Carol)

Dear Carol,
One year ago today you got up in your home in New York and prepared to take to the airport a very little sable-colored puppy.  I can imagine you talking to her all the way there.  You may have told her about the folks she was going to live with.  They had just lost their companion of 13½ years and were broken hearted.  They had called you and had seen pictures of this very beautiful little Cockapoo girl, and wanted her in their home and hearts.  We can picture you petting her and telling her she would be fine on the airplane, and then putting her in the crate and saying your goodbyes.
2,000 miles and 7 hours later, she arrived in Denver, Colorado.  Waiting at the airport were her new mom and dad.  When they opened her crate and took her into their arms, their hearts were no longer their own.
Over the last 12 months, Annie as traveled another 5,000 miles in the family's motorhome.  She has filled our house with laughter and joy.  Every day is a new adventure for her and us.  We still call her our "puppy", and I think we always will.  She loves the yard and the snow and the grass and running and chasing squirrels and sitting in the rain and little kids and her cat named "Rags".  She loves to eat and to play "fetch".  She loves her bubbles and her walks in the park, and her swimming in the creek.  She loves to sleep with us in our bed and watch for dad to come home at night from her perch on the window sill.  She loves to cuddle on our laps and to run laps around the front in a once-every-day frenzy. She loves her bath and her blow dryer, and even seems to enjoy the brush.  Her eyes sparkle and her tail still does the "turbo-wiggle".  She is loved to her core.
Thank you.

Judy and Steve

Subject:  Hello from Teddy and Jack
Date: 3/4/01 10:59:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Mark & Kathleen Z.)
To: (Carol Bobrowsky)

Hi Carol,
Hope you are well.  Have just gotten back from Miami Beach for school vacation week.  Seems like I have triple the work when I get back!  The sun and warmth were great.  We have 2 feet of snow expected in the next two days.  Poor Jack and Ted are not that tall!!
We absolutely adore (!!!) our guys.  They are the best dogs in the world.  I am not too prejudiced, am I?! (sorry Heidi)  I have just gotten back some new pic's, and will post them in the next couple of days to the [Yahoo!] OneList [Group].  I can't say enough "thank you's" to you.  I have no problem finding people to take care of both dogs when we go away.  People ask if they can have them, as opposed to me having to ask for a favor!  Teddy is just a couple inches short of Jack at only 4 months.  He is a very respectful type.  He lays next to me and looks at me, waiting to please me.  Imagine... at 4 months.
Well, enough gushing...
Other than that, 'just wrote to brag!
Kathleen, Jack and Teddy

Subject:  puppy
Date: 02/24/2001 8:48:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Chris W.)
To: (Bobrowsky, Carol)

Hi Carol!!
Sorry John and I haven't been in touch with you lately.  Things have been very hectic around here.  I'm interested in another puppy.  I'm interested in a buff-colored one.  One on the smaller side.  It doesn't matter if it is male or female.  How long is your waiting list?  Could you please put me on your list?  I do not want to go to anyone else for a puppy.  My neighbor got a Cockapoo from someone in our area and, let me tell you, it is nothing like the one we got from you.  The appearance of the pup is soooo different, not to mention it's disposition.  I would settle for no less than a puppy from you.  I do believe you when you say you have the best puppies.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Chris and John W.

Subject:  Charlie
Date: 2/5/01 11:08:10 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Carol! -

Just wanted to thank you again for breeding such gorgeous puppies!  Our Cockapoo, Charlie, is absolutely adorable - people stop on the street and ask about him all the time, and I've given your name out to a number of Manhattanites who now want a puppy just like him!  Now almost 16 weeks, he is more and more fun every day.  Our favorite game is now "fetch" with the stuffed cow toy you gave us when we picked him up; I love watching him "bounce off" to retrieve his toy with his ears flying.  And when I tell him to "Lie down", he flounces and "flops forward", throwing himself on the floor - it's so cute!!!

He's soooo healthy and sturdy - eats like there's no tomorrow, and he's at least 10 pounds now and still growing.  His shiny, curly coat is beautiful - all black and white and silvery.  He'll be getting his last shot this weekend, and then I'll be able to show him off in Central Park and all over the city.  We may even try a "puppy class", so he can spend time "playing" with dogs his own age!!  He'll need an "advanced" class, though, because he's already learned alot of the simple commands - such a smart boy!

So thank you again for this wonderful addition to our family -

Laurie, John & Meagan

Subject:  Rudy
Date: 2/4/01 10:02:24 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (george/jody)

Dear Carol and Jim:
It has been some time since we checked in with you to let you know how Rudy is doing.  He is still just as wonderful as the day he tugged on my shoelaces in your driveway!  Rudy will be 3 yrs. old this March.  We find it hard to even imagine our life before we got this little guy.  It's as if he has been with us forever.

He graduated from his Dog Training Club in Lake Placid, NY just before we moved to Naugatuck, CT.  He is enjoying our new home, and we think he is "hinting around" that he would like a little black and silver "mini-schnauzer-sister"!  We will see.  It could be a possibility, we will definitely let you know and give you "plenty of notice".
Attached is a picture of our "Rude Dog" (...and a link to his own "NBCi"- web page.)  We enjoy your Web Page often.  What beautiful vacation photos! : Well, if you get a chance, please send a quick "hello" to let us know you are all caught up on the "life and times" of yet another of your beautiful adoptable babies.

Best Wishes,
Jody, George and Rudy

Subject:  Boxster and Daphne
Date: 2/4/01 3:05:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  Bake517
To:  Angelwynd7


We thought that you might like to see some recent pictures of Boxster and Daphne.  Daphne has grown into a "beautiful puppy".  Soon, Boxster will be going for his therapy dog test.  He was actually ready to take the test months ago, but due to my schedule, he was unable to attend the test.  Boxster and Daphne have become inseparable and get along great.  Every day, they make us smile.

Boxter & Daphne
Thank you,

Glenn, Barb, and Kelley E.

Subject:  Puppy Madison
Date: 2/3/01 10:00:38 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:  Leslie, Steve & Family
To:  Angelwynd7

Dear Carol:
Sorry it has taken soooo long to write to you about our black Cockapoo, Madison, that we picked up from you two weeks before Christmas.  He was born on October 19th.  We have taken two rolls of film so far of Madison and keep saying we must send you some pictures of him but hate to part with them.  Madison has been absolutely wonderful and a joy to our family.  He slept the whole night the first night, and only woke up once the second night, and since then has been sleeping thru the night.  A neighbor gave me a great tip, to cover the crate with a blanket (totally) when the dog is put in there.  It took about 3 weeks for Madison to be trained (given the snow and all).  Madison loves the snow, and picked the biggest pile of snow in the yard to claim that he was "king of the poop mountain".  Seriously, he is so affectionate as you said he would be.  He loves each and every one of our children, and is happy to greet each one of them every day.  My daughter has nicknamed him "wiggly butt" because he is so happy to see everyone that he can't walk straight because he wiggles so much, wagging his tail!  Madison has had his first bath which he (and we) "survived", he is getting used to the car, and trying to make our cat, Molly, "like him".  Well, I just wanted to (finally) tell you how much we love him and are enjoying him.  We will forward a picture or pictures very soon.  Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.
   Leslie, Steve & Family.

Subject:  cooper
Date: 12/30/00 7:22:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  LBB1121
To:  Angelwynd7

Dear Carol,
I just wanted to write you a "thank-you"- note for giving us one of the most precious puppies in the world.  My mom is actually smiling a little, and my dad is enjoying it greatly.  She is so well behaved its amazing, thanks to you.  She has only had a few "accidents", not many.  All me and my sister do is sit and play with her all day long, we made her cage nice and cozy.  She is so playful and calm around everyone.  I think we made our whole town want a Cockapoo now.  You may get a few emails from some of my parents' friends!  Well anyway, i am just writing to thank you again and to tell you that she is doing very well and that we love her!
Lori Barsel

Subject:  Cockapoo
Date: 12/26/00 2:21:47 PM Eastern Standard Time

Hi! Carol,
I am not sure if you remember me, but my husband and I purchased a Cockapoo from you one year ago.  We named her "Sadie Whitney's Pretty Lady".  Sadie is a wonderful dog and has grown up to be such a doll.  We love her so much and would like to get another one.  We have been watching your web-site and the last time we looked you had a waiting list.  This time I checked, you seem to have some available.  I have seen some Cockapoos for sale in the pet stores but, they do not compare to your puppies, so therefore, we would like to be a "repeated customer".
Do you have any tiny females available?
Please let me know what sizes and colors.
Sincerely yours,
Lisa Seebeck
Mayville Metal Products - Value Add Center
(973) 347-9904

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