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       Volume 6

Subject:  Katie
Date: 7/15/01 6:58:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Susan Touponse)

Hi Carol,

Thank you again for our precious puppy!  Katie's such a dream.  She slept most of the ride home from Mulberry Farm, and when we arrived she wasn't nervous at all.  She slept through most of the night and has been such a good girl about "doing her business".  I plan to enroll her in "puppy kindergarten" soon too.  I can't believe it's been a week!  She is soooo good!  She sleeps by my side of the bed and only wakes me when she needs to go out, which is usually 2:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.  I am so surprised that she already understands "Go potty"!

My boys went to camp today, so I had Katie all to myself.  We played in the yard, went for walks and practiced "sit" and "come."  She's so smart.  We all just love her so much!!!  George & I truly admire you for the quality of life and the amount of love you give to all your dogs.

Anyway, thanks again for my "little love".  I'll keep you posted.
Take care.

Susan and Family

"Katie", a Buff Female
  Am. Cocker Spaniel

Subject:  Molly's New Home
Date: 7/14/01 8:40:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
To:  Angelwynd7

Dear Carol,

Just wanted to let you know that Molly is doing great.  Of course, Wednesday night when we brought her home she cried and sort of "wailed" most of the night.  The next two nights were better.  She just woke up once and cried a bit, then went back to sleep until about 6 AM.  She hasn't had one "accident" in the house!  We've been walking her about every two hours and she's been great.  She's adoreable and lively and unbelievably cuddly.

She saw our Vet and he said she was wonderfully healthy, and he could see she was very well taken care of.  She's starting to teethe, and keeps going for our shoelaces, etc., but I'm sure that will calm down after a bit.

Once again, we wanted to thank you for giving us this unbelievable addition to our family.  It's obvious how much love you put into your dogs and pups, and it shows in how well adjusted and happy they are.
I'll keep in touch!
Meryl & Mark "S"

Subject:  Gracie Allen Perry

Date: 7/09/01 11:12:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Janet Perry)

Hi Carol,

This is a long-overdue update on Gracie.  I'm finally on summer vacation, and am thoroughly enjoying being home with the girls all day.

Gracie is an absolute doll, and is doing great!!  She learns things quickly, and loves life.  She's very athletic and agile, and is definitely going to be a great agility dog.  I see a championship in her future!  :-)  She can't compete until May of next year, but we've started doing some training, and she LOVES it.  Races through the tunnels with my other dogs, and isn't intimidated by anything.  You should see her run along the tops of stonewalls.  It's great for foot-eye coordination, and she's amazing.  One of her best friends is a Border Collie, and she doesn't have any trouble keeping up when they run together.  We're going to a puppy agility workshop this weekend, and I'm so excited.  She is going to be a blast to train and run!

All my agility <trainer> friends love Gracie, and everyone comments on how great her markings are.  She's definitely a hit with everyone who meets her.  I've given your name to several people who have asked where to get such a great dog.  There are lots of spectators at our shows, and people always stop me to ask about my girls.  Sophie and I are heading to San Diego in September for Nationals.  Can't wait to take Gracie some day.

Enclosed are a couple pictures that were taken in May at our first show of the season.  She loved the whole scene, but was SO pooped at the end of the day.  The little dog she's with is one of the best in the country.  He's a 12 year old Tibetan Terrier, and has had a wonderful agility career.  People say that Gracie reminds them of him.  That's high praise, since his talents are admired all across the country.  He gave her the baby G.A.P. hat, because those are her initials... Gracie Allen Perry:

"Gracie", a Tri-Parti Female Cockapoo
                at agility show       "Gracie", a Tri-Parti Female
Hope you're doing well.  Thanks again for such a wonderful dog.  I love her immensely!!!

Gretchen, Sophie and Gracie

Subject:  Leo's doing great!
Date: 7/6/01 6:11:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  Naomi & Rich
To:  Angelwynd7

Hi Carol  --
Just wanted to report on Leo's first vet visit -- he's a perfect specimen of a Cockapoo!  But of course you know that already.  The vet said he has the most beautiful coat of any Cockapoo he's seen and he said he's got a great disposition as well.  Leo just sat there very patiently and sweetly during his exam and hardly cried at all after his shot.  We're so proud of him.

Meanwhile, each day just gets better and better as we begin to understand each other more.  He's been doing great with housetraining -- no "accidents" in his crate, he always goes when we take him outside -- and he's only had a few "accidents" when out of the crate -- so few, I feel like he'll be trained in no time at all.  Is that possible -- or am I being too "optimistic"?!

Most of all, I just wanted to thank you for all the love and hard work you put into raising these dogs.  I can see why your dogs are truly special, and we are honored to have one of them.

Take care,  Naomi & Rich

Subject:  Summer Camp for "The Kids"
Date: 6/23/01 3:32:09 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  g30rg3@dis*.* (Laura A.)

Dear Carol:

First of all, I wanted to give you an update on "Blackie"/Beau Brummel.  He is an absolute doll!  My mom just adores him.  He follows my mom all over the house.  If she leaves, he lies by the door until she comes home.  Even my father has decided that Beau is "a noble beast".  Much to my surprise, Demi just loves him, too.  They are very good friends now.  Just as you predicted, they lie next to each other on the couch.  (I even caught Demi resting her head on him!)  He is comfortable enough in the house that he does not feel the need to pee on things, so he now has complete run of the house.  I think he did so well at least in part because there was another dog here to teach him how to behave in the house.  For the first few months he was here, he would just watch Demi to see what she did, and copied her. (My dad was beginning to wonder if Beau had a personality of his own!)  But we can see that he is a sweet, happy, funny little guy.

He greets every morning with enthusiasm.  He has to run out of my parent's room to find Demi right away.  We couldn't have asked for a sweeter, happier dog.  I don't think a day goes by when he doesn't seem to tell us how happy he is to be living here.  And his hair is finally growing out, so he looks like a beautiful cocker again.  You must thank the people who brought him back (because he wouldn't play with their kids.)  We definitely got a "diamond" from you. (Incidentally, he loves to run and follow my nieces and my nephew around.  They really love him!  He is incredibly gentle with kids.)  He isn't interested in playing "fetch" -- Demi has tried to engage him, although I don't know if she's throwing the "kong" (toy) TO him or AT him!  Anyway, my mom is deliriously happy with "her boy."  We couldn't have asked for a better dog.

Now, the other issue.  I'm taking the bar exam at the end of July, and my parents are going to be in Colorado that week.  Could I send Demi and Beau to your "summer camp"?  I would probably drop them off on the 23rd of July, and pick them up Friday the 27th.  Let me know if it is okay; I wanted to make sure I book you in advance.  I know your camp can get crowded in the summer!  However, I will solemnly promise that I will pick poor Beau up promptly.  You'll never get him back!! {grin}
 Beau (left) and Demi (right),
"camping" at Mulberry Farm
Again, thank you for the "black blob of fur" -- he truly is an exceptional dog!

Laura A.

Subject:  RE: Father's Day
Date: 6/17/01 4:01:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  Michele G.
To:  Angelwynd7

Dear Carol,

Zoe just wanted to wish Jagger a Happy Father's day from her.  Also wanted to say hi to you and Karin and Jim.  She's just over 17 months old now, and she only gets better (if possible!).  She's about 11 ½ pounds and as sweet as they get.  I hear on the Cockapoos Yahoo Group how the females seem more stubborn than the males and it is so *not-so* for us.  Zoe is the easiest-going puppy, never destroyed toys, never even tried to bite me or destroy anything but my socks (Zoe has a "foot fetish").  She's loved by everyone who meets her, and I have to thank you again for bringing her into my life.

I had originally planned to take her to work with me, but my stepmother is so attached to her that I can't take her because Caroline takes her for the whole day.  She is such a delight to all that get near her.

I want to thank you over and over for bringing her into my life.  She's the best thing that happened, and she's a real happy pup.

Thinking about you and yours,

Michele & Zoe

Subject:  Pedro

April 29, 2001

Dear Carol,

It has been just about a year since we came to pick up our Pedro, and we just celebrated his first birthday on March 11th!  Pedro has really enriched our lives the last year and has brought joy to our friends and extended family as well.  Everyone agrees that he is the cutest, friendliest dog.  He loves people so much he still shakes with excitement when a guest comes to visit.  Then he becomes "everyone's best friend".  He is very smart and learns tricks easily and knows the name of all of his toys.  I will admit that we spoil him more than we should -we can't help it!  He loves to snuggle and play fetch and absolutely goes crazy when we ask him if he wants to go for a ride in the car.  He's the best.  Thank you so much!

Below is an updated picture.  I think that you will agree that he is very handsome!
"Pedro", a Black Male Cockapoo

Shira and Rob McKernan

Subject:  puppy
Date: 4/22/01 9:31:19 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  MSEZ0445
To:  Angelwynd7

I wanted to write to tell you that we brought Caili to visit family upstate this past weekend and EVERYONE fell in love with her!  She has such a nice personality and just loves everyone.  Everyone was fighting over who could hold her.  My sister-in-law commented that she was the "cutest" puppy she had ever seen.  My nieces wanted to keep her.  She loved the attention and kept us all laughing with her bouncing like a bunny and also her "wiggle butt".
I know all your puppy owners think that they have the cutest puppy but, then again, they haven't seen Caili!!!  HA!!  We are prejudice!!
Thanks again!!

Sue Moeller

Subject:  Cockapoo puppy
Date: 4/21/01 4:30:57 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  ♦♣♠♥@♥♦♠.com
To:  Angelwynd7

Hi Carol,

This will be my "weekly e-mail" that I send to you to keep our name "current" on your Cockapoo "waiting list".  I will send you a picture of Cleo as soon as I get a recent one developed (we don't have a digital camera, so it may take a week or two.)

We are interested in another female.  We don't really have a color preference, but we would love to have Kandiman be the father, since he is Cleo's father.

Thanks again for providing us with such a wonderful dog!  I never thought I'd ever be a "two-dog household".  Here's another testimonial... my mother even loves Cleo.  You don't know what a compliment that really is!

Anyway, I'll be keeping in touch,


Subject:  Fw: dog
Date: 4/11/01 9:45:02 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:  jill♥♦♠♣@♥♦♠.com (Jill R.)
To: (Carol Bobrowsky)

Hi Carol,

This is my Lamb-Chop. The sweetest little guy in the whole world. (Almost 6 months)

A Chocolate & Tan Cockapoo,
             6 mo. Old

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